One of UNI Developments’ key missions is to help to build strong, independent and democratic unions to empower workers’ organizations to fight for a better world of work. With help of funding organization and affiliates, UNI Development and Regions’ Department administers around 100 projects a year in all regions to advance development locally, nationally, regionally and globally. UNI Online for example helps unions to get IT equipment, training, email and internet connection that ensures instant communication with affiliates worldwide and to help them play a role in the age of the information super highway. Welcome to this Online Portal which has two important management tools: the Project Catalogue and Management System and the Development Management System. These database systems are an integral part of two major projects on development impact.

PCMS – Real time project information


Project Catalogue & Management

The Project Catalogue and Monitoring System includes all projects administered by UNI Development in collaboration with regional offices, affiliates, sectors and groups and supporting funding and requesting organizations. Each year we oversee around 100 projects, with up to 50 activities per project. They require careful monitoring for successful implementation and a measurable impact.
UNI’s Development and Regions Department produces a printed project catalogue several times a year and - through PCMS - online information is now available on all ongoing projects by region, country, type, sector, group, funding and requesting organization, project year and project coordinator. The system also gives a full history of completed projects and details of proposed new projects, awaiting funding.
The Project Catalogue offers detailed information on the progress of each project which is accessed and updated by project coordinators and supporting partner organizations to improve project implementation and monitoring.
PCMS is password protected.

GDII Global Development Impact Initiative

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The Global Development Impact Initiative provides affiliates with a powerful management tool to measure the improvement of institutional capabilities.
GDII is part of one of UNI Development and Regions’ Departments’ strategies backing its mission to "Build strong, democratic and independent trade unions in sectors represented by UNI" and to "Assist unions in the achievement of self-sufficiency".
The starting point of this initiative was the identification of realistic and measurable indicators of Institutional Development (ID). The collection of baseline data on ID indicators from UNI members and structures is underway. The data will be fed into an online Development Management System (DMS) which will eventually contain a database on affiliates’ ID indicators. The back bone of the information is already in UNI's databank and the second major part of data will derive from a questionnaire that affiliates and regional offices can fill in and update directly online.
The DMS system will analyze and calculate given data to provide statistical charts on institutional capabilities and development trends for unions and structures in real time. The initiative is sponsored by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and FNV Mondiaal.
DMS is password protected.



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