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UNIís core area of impact is the Trade Union Movement through its commitment to develop ever stronger and interactive workerís organisations while at the same time ensuring its own institutional development, expansion and success. Early in UNIís history, the Development and Regionsí Department (DRD) identified the need to strengthen regional structure and affiliate capabilities through development work coordinated with and through Regional Offices.

Since 2003, the DRD had increased the number of field activities considerably. The need to measure and demonstrate their impact had become critical for mobilisation of resources and effectiveness of relations with funding partners; a key building block for future development.

Discussions with these partners during the same period confirmed their own high interest and need to demonstrate the impact of unions and union federations on the current labour market. The discussions also confirmed their willingness to support the development of projects tools and processes leading to demonstrate impact.

In response to these needs the DRD designed UNIís Global Development Impact Initiative (GDII) and proposed it to FES and FNV who agreed to fund it during its initial period of two and a half years. UNIís Leadershipís and Regional Secretariesí support was also essential during the initial design consultations and the first round of regional development workshops.

By the end of 2005, the identification of a set of standard Institutional Development Indicators for UNI affiliates and structures had been completed. In 2006 the second round of regional workshops is taking place, together with the launching of a global Monitoring and Evaluation system of Institutional Development Indicators to provide online statistical references about UNIís affiliate and regional development.