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GDII activities are based on participatory management principles and mutually beneficial work between HO and Regional Staff. These are centred around two sets of Institutional Development workshops taking place at field level involving regional and DRDís staff, facilitated by a development consultant knowledgeable with UNIís work.

The methodology provides structured operational environment for close interactive collaboration and work with Regional Offices through: systematic planning and execution; careful team work for identification of regional needs; standardization and systematization of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes and overall regional development.

Together with consolidating the system for Monitoring and Evaluation of ID indicators, the DRD/GDII team is currently in the process of delegating participatory responsibilities for the Initiative through a second round of regional workshops. The results of the first year of implementation offer a particularly fertile ground for further progress although the research required to establish the baseline data has taken longer than expected and will be completed during the second year. The second round of regional workshops is now consolidating processes and testing the first version of the M&E System being put in place by an external IT service. The initial phase of the GDII will be completed during 2007 with a period of improvement, evaluation, and reporting.