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The Initiativeís overall objectives are: to optimise UNIís capacity, to provide development tools to workersí organisations through UNI structures, and to strengthen their performance capabilities. The underlying purpose is the overall institutional development of UNI and affiliates as one homogenous ever stronger organisation.

DRDís Programme objectives aim to identify areas in need of assistance and to support regional structures, sectors and human resources in their efforts to develop workersí organisations. To contribute to these objectives and to strengthen regional structures in Strategic Planning and Institutional and Organisational Development, the DRD produces institutional and organisational development tools and implements programmes through practical in-service training and participatory management processes. Simultaneously, the Department has recognised the need to improve its own capacity to identify development needs without bias and effectively prioritise them, to plan institutional development on the basis of factual data analysis, ensuring coherence of response to needs and consistent results.

The GDIIís long-term objective is the effective development of the whole of UNI. Current activities are putting in place the Initiativeís operational processes, giving focus, providing initial training and examining existing institutional capabilities.

At the end of the initial 2Ĺ year period, the GDII will have consolidated UNIís Institutional Development (ID) Indicators, defined baseline data on members and regional structures, developed an interactive system to assess ongoing ID Indicator trends in real time throughout the organisation. As the Initiative develops, focussed technical collaboration will increase, based on factual assessment of the strengths, weaknesses of affiliates and regional structures as well as of the opportunities and threats they face. As a result, DRDís products and services will continuously improve according to changing circumstances.